More Haiku

Haiku 又又

I have the best friends
I cannot thank them enough
For all their support

My dog is barking
I would like to whack him one
But I won’t do it


Chocolate is good
Makes me happy and fat too
Should stop eating it


Thanksgiving was here
Girly week at my condo
We did have a blast


It’s been forty years
Since high school graduation
But I think I’m young


No real job two years
Worried about my future
But I’m still happy

I love my condo
My favorite place to live
More than my big house


Did not ever think
This is where I would be now
But I’ve adjusted

Supper Club was born
At a parent’s funeral
You can do it too



Fix a kitchen shelf?
I don’t care if he’s eighty
Daddy will do it


I miss my dog Mike
His smell and his big brown eyes
Won’t forget him soon


All of my new blogs
Will be about getting old
Arthritis not sex

My last haiku sucked
I look in the damn mirror
I am thirty-six

Now we are cooking
I’m bitching and complaining
Please keep reading – thanks

Want to be better
At keeping my house cleaner
I hate vacuuming

Writing this haiku
Trying to figure out life
Please put up with me

My original goal
Was to write two blogs a week
Two years in the past

Very cold outside
February is awful
Enough is enough


Furnace is running
Money right up the chimney
I will block my ears

One day I will live
In Florida once again
It is sunny there



My life in Haiku

I do hate housework
I try to make myself clean
Vacuuming is awful


I miss him a lot
My dog Mike with his brown eyes
I will not forget


Once I lost a job
A man who had small fingers
Were other things small

Was crazy in love
He said I’ll never leave you
Who tells lies like that

Ann Coulter faking
But people believe in her
She laughs all the time


Looking at hairdo’s
I have been struck blind often
Need a mirror, Girl

bad hair

Thinking in Haiku
It’s funny and makes me laugh
You should try it too


Stop licking my pit
My dog loves deodorant
Dante’s a weirdo


Candy Crush Saga
I am so addicted now
Candy Crack Saga

candy crack

I am fucking broke
Twenty two months not full time
But love not working


Isn’t Gibbs really handsome
Why did Ziva leave


I am getting old
Arthritis hurts my poor toes
And the rest of me


I’m a love cynic
Now I protect my poor heart
It is easier


Not superstitious
Only a dummy would be
Knock knock knock knock wood

knock wood

Word I never heard
Disambiguation – huh?
Love dictionaries


I called you Pumpkin
You called me your Pussy Cat
You were full of shit

pumpkinpussy cat

My heat isn’t on
I’m waiting for Thanksgiving
Colleen needs the warmth


The end. For now.

The Battle of the Bulge

A friend asked me about Weight Watchers – anything I wanted to tell her.  I started thinking it was fodder for a blog post.  And I wrote this next paragraph before Thanksgiving.  Before I “fell off” the dieting wagon.  So here goes.

I go.  I weigh in.  Keeps me honest.  I eat very little of the prepared food.  Sometimes I keep a couple of packaged Weight Watchers dinners in the freezer for emergencies.  Or if I get up really late and don’t have time to make my lunch.  I eat cereal, skim milk and strawberries or banana for breakfast.  Or oatmeal or farina.  Or toast and apple sauce.  Or hard boiled egg(s).  I eat a lot of eggs.  Usually rice and vegetables for lunch.  Apples, clementines, raisins.  Big salads with cut up chicken, gorgonzola.  Baby carrots.  Popcorn.  A pork chop with a big pile of vegetables.  Tomatoes, mushrooms, capers over pasta.  I keep a box of chicken broth in the fridge all the time.  I use it in lieu of olive oil when I “saute” vegetables.  I make several days lunch at the same time.  Sometimes I pack as much as I can at night and just add the cold stuff in the A.M.   Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  I have ice cream every Saturday.  Its really flexible. And you will find your favorite things.  I do weigh and measure.  It gets easier all the time.  I’m used to it.  I am into it.  Keeping my eyes on the prize.  Is this good info?

So Thanksgiving.  Great week.  I blogged about it already.  I had a blast.  I had company and the week off and went out almost every night.  Met a friend for dinner Monday night.  Went out to lunch Tuesday and it was downhill from there.  Such a slippery slope.  I ate lots of stuff.  In addition to the piggy Thanksgiving dinner, I ate cereal snack, scones and butter, chocolate cream pie, fried dough pizza, chocolate brownie cheesecake, artichoke dip, lobster bisque, three-layer chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and chopped up peanut butter cups in between and on top, need I say more.  You can be sure I didn’t bother to write any of it in my food diary.  CRASH.  CRASH.  CRASH.

I’m having an awful hard time getting back on the wagon.  I know I’ll do it but I’m struggling.  I have lost a ton (well 40 pounds) over the last year.  And I want to keep on going.  But it’s hard.  I’m an addict.  I want everything that tastes good or feels good.  Combine them, as in the case of wine for instance, and I’m a goner.

What to do.  What to do.  I don’t see this getting any easier through the next couple of weeks.  For instance, I am invited to – count ‘em – five Christmas parties on Saturday.  My sister and her family are coming to Connecticut a week from today and staying for more than a week.  I haven’t seen my nephew in over 2 years and I’m trying to remember how long its been since I’ve seen my niece – maybe 6 years?  Not to mention my sister and my FBIL (favorite brother-in-law).  Cookies and candy at work.  I feel like I’ve lost it.  Social life and food – so closely interwoven.  I went to a Christmas party last night.  I had the most decadent delicious delectable dessert.  It was a pie.  Bottom layer was peanut butter fudge, then a layer of chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream and crushed peanut brittle.  It’s the chocolate.  I cheated and ate other stuff, but I didn’t go nuts – with the quantity anyway.  But I’ve let the devil chocolate back into my life and now I’ve got to fight to get him out.  I can say this one thing – there is no chocolate in my house.  That would be a disaster.  Oh yeah, I got a box of chocolates for my birthday.  Killed that off.  I can say one other good thing – at least I don’t drink alcohol.

Anyhow, I’m trying.  I was good all day today.  I was pretty good yesterday until dessert.  I was very good Sunday.  I was a little bad Saturday.  I’m trying to remember that this is a lifestyle change and I have to stick to my food plan as much as I am able.  I’m definitely a screwball in my brain.  But I’m very hopeful because I’m not mad at myself.  If I got down on me, I would probably really mess this up.  But I’m so self-analytical that I’m more curious than anything.  I believe if I just hang in there, my willpower will reappear and I’ll be back at it again.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

But in the meantime…  Any suggestions?  Encouraging words?  Anything at all to give me a verbal slap up side my head?  To turn on the lightbulb in my brain?  I could sure use the help. 

My friend Susan made the one on the left.  I made the one on the right.  We can cook.  Yep.  We really can.


For many years, my friend Colleen has come to Connecticut Thanksgiving week and stayed with me.  This year I named the occasion Girly Week.  Girly Week is always fun.  It was fun even before it had a name.  But this year, it was so much more.  I love my friends.  I take these relationships as seriously as I take any including those with family, spouses, lovers.

So this week.  Laughing, eating, cooking, cleaning up the messes and starting over again.  I think I ran my dishwasher at least twice a day every day since Wednesday.  Phones ringing, people running in and out.  More laughing.  Staying up too late.  Designated driver – me – whowouldathunkit?  Driving back from Teddy’s late Tuesday night – it is DARK up there in no man’s land where he lives – someone in my car saying repeatedly – I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  This is our new mantra.  MORE laughing.  Scones and coffee breakfast.  Dad splitting the wood in the backyard and bonus – blowing all the maple tree helicopters off the deck.  Thanksgiving dinner – I love that meal.  I love cooking it too.  Chiminea fire in the back yard for the smokers.  Fried dough pizza and Chocolate Brownie cheesecake.  Friends AND sisters!  Going to Mystic for the picking up the boat debacle.  Great lunch overlooking the water.  Lovely long walk.  The sweetness of my good friends – teasing and giggling and being generally noisy and busting each other chops and poking through the shops.  Delicious lunch.  Getting back way too late and frosting that cake and chopping all those peanut butter cups for cake garnish – Colleen please help me open all those freaking peanut butter cups.  Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!  More laughing.  Rushing to Supper Club.  Lobster Bisque.  TFS AKA That Fucking Salad.  The salad is delicious.  T & SB – Sheree please make us that salad.  SM – Again?  Okay.  T & SB – We love that salad Sheree.  Can you make it again?  SM – Again?  I guess so if you really want it.  T & SB – Sheree.  We want that salad again.  SM –  I’m so tired of making That Fucking Salad!!!  SB – Hey Tom!  The salad has a name now.  So TFS was born. Cutting the cake which turned out too high to stand up straight so it fell over – TIMBER!!!  I looked messy but it sure tasted good.

I’ve been dieting like a good girl for months.  I’m feeling a little chubby today.  And who cares!!!???  Not me.  I needed a break.  Every bite was delicious.

I had a wonderful week.