More Haiku

Haiku 又又

I have the best friends
I cannot thank them enough
For all their support

My dog is barking
I would like to whack him one
But I won’t do it


Chocolate is good
Makes me happy and fat too
Should stop eating it


Thanksgiving was here
Girly week at my condo
We did have a blast


It’s been forty years
Since high school graduation
But I think I’m young


No real job two years
Worried about my future
But I’m still happy

I love my condo
My favorite place to live
More than my big house


Did not ever think
This is where I would be now
But I’ve adjusted

Supper Club was born
At a parent’s funeral
You can do it too



Fix a kitchen shelf?
I don’t care if he’s eighty
Daddy will do it


I miss my dog Mike
His smell and his big brown eyes
Won’t forget him soon


All of my new blogs
Will be about getting old
Arthritis not sex

My last haiku sucked
I look in the damn mirror
I am thirty-six

Now we are cooking
I’m bitching and complaining
Please keep reading – thanks

Want to be better
At keeping my house cleaner
I hate vacuuming

Writing this haiku
Trying to figure out life
Please put up with me

My original goal
Was to write two blogs a week
Two years in the past

Very cold outside
February is awful
Enough is enough


Furnace is running
Money right up the chimney
I will block my ears

One day I will live
In Florida once again
It is sunny there



My life in Haiku

I do hate housework
I try to make myself clean
Vacuuming is awful


I miss him a lot
My dog Mike with his brown eyes
I will not forget


Once I lost a job
A man who had small fingers
Were other things small

Was crazy in love
He said I’ll never leave you
Who tells lies like that

Ann Coulter faking
But people believe in her
She laughs all the time


Looking at hairdo’s
I have been struck blind often
Need a mirror, Girl

bad hair

Thinking in Haiku
It’s funny and makes me laugh
You should try it too


Stop licking my pit
My dog loves deodorant
Dante’s a weirdo


Candy Crush Saga
I am so addicted now
Candy Crack Saga

candy crack

I am fucking broke
Twenty two months not full time
But love not working


Isn’t Gibbs really handsome
Why did Ziva leave


I am getting old
Arthritis hurts my poor toes
And the rest of me


I’m a love cynic
Now I protect my poor heart
It is easier


Not superstitious
Only a dummy would be
Knock knock knock knock wood

knock wood

Word I never heard
Disambiguation – huh?
Love dictionaries


I called you Pumpkin
You called me your Pussy Cat
You were full of shit

pumpkinpussy cat

My heat isn’t on
I’m waiting for Thanksgiving
Colleen needs the warmth


The end. For now.

On Aging. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Some random thoughts related to aging…

I’m not a young woman anymore.  Some of that is very good.  Some not so much.

I do exactly what I want and I don’t worry about what anyone thinks about my doing exactly what I want.  That is very good.

I don’t care if my house is a mess.  Another goody.

I hate to rush so I don’t do it anymore.  Unless you count work but that’s OK.  After all, they are giving me money to do what they want.

I worry about retiring.  I’m afraid I’ll never be able to afford it and I would do it right this minute if I could.  Not because I feel old and tired, but because there is not enough time to read when you work.  Or hang with your friends and family.  Or go to Maine and sit in your spot and read.  Or walk the dog.  Or lie on the couch and read.  Or garden.  Or sit in your lawn chair and look at your beautiful flowers and read.

Arthritis adores me and has moved in for the duration.  Oh my hands.  Heberden’s nodes.  Go ahead.  Google it.  And my poor toes – especially the big ones.  And my knees.  And my back.  My shoulders.  As my old Aunt Elsie used to say – Be it ever so painful.  Oh my achin’ bacon.  Period, dot and dash.  This falls in the not-so-good category.

Aging slooooooows your metabolism.  I have traveled up and down the scale my whole life.  And now I know in my heart of hearts that if I want to lose weight and keep it off, slow and steady wins this race.  It took me a long time to believe this.  And baby, I’m winning.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes.  As long as I arrive and stay.  My health depends on it.

I am rarely angry.  I see it like this.  If I’m aggravated by some arrogant dork at work, I figure I’m getting paid to put up with him, so I let it go as quickly as I can.  In my real life, I try to just walk away.  Inner peace is a beautiful thing and I strive for it.  I want it.  I deserve it.

Menopause had a diminishing affect on my sex drive.  But when I do “couple”, it is always very good.

Hot flashes – not good.  But I don’t have to worry about getting my period at the US Open while wearing tennis whites.

I appreciate other living things in a way I did not before.  Animals.  We have domesticated so many of them.  My dog Mike.  Sometimes I think we read each others’ minds.  I see right into his brain through those shiny big brown eyes

My hair.  It used to be thick and curly.  And now it is neither.  Is still has some body so I can manipulate it.  But its much different and there is hair in the shower every day.  But its not very gray.  One good thing.

Insomnia will come to us all.  I didn’t know this, this well-hidden curse of aging.  So you young uns out there, appreciate that good night’s sleep you just had.  The up side of that, I have never seen so many late night pitch black skies full of stars.  And the sun rises right outside my sliding glass door.  I can watch it from my writing spot here.   (And may I mention Google Sky Map for smart phones.   If you love stars and haven’t seen this yet, you’re going to be very happy about it.)

Getting older can set you free if you let it.  Really really really free.  I love that.  If aging didn’t bring you closer to death, it would be the best thing ever.

I have learned it is impossible to change anyone.  Just think how hard it is to change your own self.

Attitude is everything.  Desire is everything.  Two things I believe.

I know anything is possible.  I know the worst thing ever could happen to me in 5 minutes.

I know anything is possible.  I know the best thing ever could happen to me in 5 minutes.

I’m hopeful for my future.