R.I.P. my Mikey Boy

R.I.P. Mike Dog Bunn – 12/5/2001 to 4/28/2013

Today was a very bad day for me.  When I woke up this morning, I did not think I would end my Sunday without my boy Mikey.

Mike has not always been well.  He has had epilepsy for 9 years.  That has not been easy but we made it through.  And he had hypothyroidism and the hair fell out of his back.  It wasn’t always very pretty.  And he took meds to counteract the liver damage he was getting from taking phenobarbital since 2004.  He had seizures still but he was OK as soon as they were over.  So we carried on.

Tonight before he left me, I reviewed with him all the things he had done over the years.  He ate about 12 pairs of shoes, an antique Victorian brocade love seat, the leg of my dining room chair, part of a lighted loupe and the plastic case surrounding it which lodged in his intestine and had to be surgically removed.  He had of late, taken up removing dirty laundry from the basket and eating that.  He also ate the single most expensive piece of clothing I had ever bought – a black sweater from Chico.  Last winter, he ate a whole batch of oatmeal cookies that my mother had just baked for my father.  He left about 5.  My father said he thought Mike might have licked them but he ate them anyway.  He got in a fight with my sister’s dog through a window, managed to break the glass and it jabbed into Scooter’s nose and created copious blood loss.  I did love my trouble-maker.  I like bad boys.  Ask anyone who knows me.

Mike was a drinker.  He hasn’t had much of a chance to do that lately since I’ve been on the wagon, but Mike had a past.  He was very sneaky.  He loved beer.  One time when he was a pup, he drank a whole Black Russian.  He was not a rowdy drunk.  The night of the Black Russian thievery, he hopped up on the bed and went to sleep.  I checked to see if he had a hangover in the morning and it appeared he did not.

Mike loved to go fishing.  We throw our fish in a bucket on the boat.  He stuck his head in the bucket and stared at the fish.  We called that “Dog Television”.

fish in a bucket He loved to walk up to the fence separating us from our neighbors and watch them.  We called that “Peeping Mike”.peeper

Mike took a long road-trip with me in 2005.  We drove from here to Baltimore, on to Tennessee, Austin, New Orleans, Florida and back home again.  He was a good traveler – loved the car.  He understood the word and started bouncing when I said it.  He was with me for endless trips to Maine.  I loved having him in the back seat – my constant companion.boat

I feel like I’m having a bad dream from which I need to wake up.  But I know that is not true.

No one will steal my coffee anymore.

I have spent over 11 years with Mike and I didn’t want to be the one to leave him.  Tonight, when it was his time, we lay down on a blanket.  He was weak.  I wrapped my arms around him.  And I whispered in his ear.  I loved him and he loved me and I wanted the last thing he heard to be my voice.

Mikey.  You are the best boy anyone could ever have.  You are my very good boy.  Mama loves you.  Good Boy.  Good Boy.  There you go.  Easy my good boy.  Mama loves.

And he was gone.  Just like that.  But he will never be gone from my heart.  Never.

Mike boat



13 thoughts on “R.I.P. my Mikey Boy

  1. I’m so sorry Susan. So so sorry. If there is any comfort, know you made the life of that precious dog one of pure joy. He left with a happy heart.

  2. You captured his essence beautifully…he will never be forgotten. Mikey was a very good boy and even when he wasn’t..he was just misunderstood…<3

  3. I’ll miss my favorite grandpuppy. But I’ll never forget his special personality – he could be so sweet one moment and naughty in the next one…..kind of like you, Susan. You two were well-suited to each other, and you lived a good life together.

  4. What a great story and what a great Mom you are! I am so sorry for your loss Susan. I had to put down the love of my life (an 11 year old blind and deaf cocker spaniel) this past November so I can relate to how you feel. I have tears running down my cheeks as I type this but I find comfort in knowing that one day Colby and I will be together again just like you and Mike.

  5. How beautiful…..Mikey was lucky to have you…cherish it always as “relationships ” like that are few and far between. RIP….

  6. Wonderful tribute to your be-loved Mikey. He has given you such wonderful memories and joy. You have my sympathy.

  7. I’m so sorry and shocked to hear this about your Mikey. Although I never met him I felt I knew him. Our pets are most soulful friends who know us like no other. All you need to do is look into their eyes to see it. Take comfort in knowing you gave him a wonderful life (and he you).

  8. There is no rehearsal for this kind of loss, and your tender words have brought us all so much closer to our own “bad boys and girls” Thank you for sharing Mikey and his story with us.

  9. I’m late in my condolences to you, but wish you peace. I always loved hearing about Mikey’s adventures and misadventures and will miss that. My heart feels sad for you today. I know how hard it is to lose a good companion. ~ Linda LaRue

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