All my fault

So something not-so-good happened this week and it’s all my fault.  Did you ever do something just a little wrong but not worry about it because it didn’t really matter and no one got hurt?  Well I did and it had some not-so-good consequences.

I was driving into my condo last Thursday morning.  My complex has a turnaround at the end of the main road and I live off that turnaround.  From way back I can see there is a school bus stopped with the red lights blinking.  So I stop behind the bus and I wait.  And I wait.  And I wait.  At least two minutes, maybe three.  I can see my parking space from where I am parked.  I see no kids, no Moms, no open doors out of which a kid might spring.  I wait some more.  Then I very slowly drive around the bus and proceed to my parking space.  I pull into my spot and the bus is still not moving but I can see that a Mom is standing in the doorway of the bus talking to the driver.  I get out of the car and head for my door and notice the bus is finally moving.  And I’m thinking that it is not very nice to expect someone to just sit behind them waiting while they chit-chat but I really don’t care.  I’m easy.  I go in my house and don’t give it another thought.

And yesterday in the mail, I got an envelope from the Bristol Police Department Traffic Division.  And it contained a note with four black and white pictures of my car going around the bus.  It also contained a ticket for $465.  Yup, you read that right.  $465.  I hardly know what to do about this.  I know I broke the law.  I did it consciously.  Didn’t really worry about it.  And I still think what I did was OK, albeit illegal.

But I don’t have a job.  Coming up on one year – February 7.  $465 would pay half my mortgage; two months of condo fees; it would pay my cable, phone, internet, gas, electric for one month; it would almost pay my monthly Cobra bill.  It would pay off 1/3 of the money I spent getting my car fixed last month – I wrote one of those checks that your credit card company sends – no interest for one year.  That was $1400.  That was bad but I had to do it.  I have to have a car.  I live day-to-day, dollar-to-dollar.  This is ridiculous that $465 is disastrous to me, but it is.

I used to have a job.  I used to make money.   I used to go to Europe every two years.  I traveled all the time.  I spent a fortune on Christmas presents.  I went out for sushi a couple of times a week.  When I went to Maine, I brought a cooler full of steaks, chicken, and pork chops.  I bought lobsters.  I brought bags of fresh vegetables, vodka and wine.  I lived the way I wanted to.  All the time.  And now I don’t do any of this.  And now a $465 traffic ticket is a disaster.  OK.  I’ve told my story.  I’m still depressed about this but maybe 10% less for telling my story.  Thanks for listening/reading.


23 thoughts on “All my fault

  1. Oh my. That is a lot. If you don’t pay, I think they can suspend you’re license, too. CT really goes all out, cameras on the buses? I’ve seen so many people here just drive right by even when bus has lights flashing and the stop sign out and nothing happens. That driver should have pulled in the stop sign, turned off flashing lights if no children were getting off and he/she was just conversing. Does not seem fair to you.

    This is tough luck, Susan, and I am so sorry you have to go through it.

  2. This is awful! I think you should fight it, explain what you said in this blog and maybe, just maybe they will have pity on you and null it! It’s worth a try. Nothing to lose. Tell them your employment situation, etc.

  3. Fight this. Two people chit-chatting away while the bus has its red blinkers on is wrong. That bus driver was 1) wasting tax-payer dollars by idling and using up gas, and 2) misrepresenting the way his/her bus was being employed at the time. That is no more legal than an ambulance driver, transporting no patient, who uses his lights and siren to bypass traffic.

  4. I agree that you were “guilty” but so were they. I think you need to fight this by saying that you were NEEDLESSLY delayed by chit-chat which is not in the mandate about passing school buses. DO NOT pay until you get your voice heard!!!!

  5. Sue, I was running late for work this morning, and that little school bus, is parked in front of a unit, with the lights flashing, the mom standing in the bus doorway? not a care in the world about anyone else? You are not wrong, I’m sitting there thinking, is this going to be an all morning chat? or can we move this along some. It seems to me, that every other bus, the children get on, they sit down, and the bus driver moves to the next stop. Good luck to you Sue!!!

  6. Susan if you need any witnesses to this bus fiasco – I will be happy to testify on your behalf if this goes to court. I live directly across the street and this bus driver does this ALL the time. She sits there for what seems an ETERNITY and chit chats with that mom who lives in that unit and they don’t seem to have a care in the world for others time – for the people who need to get to work, have appointments, or just have someplace to be at a certain time! It used to irritate the crap out of my oldest son that used to live at home with me because he would take my car sometimes in the morning while I was getting ready for work to do quick errands and have to sit and wait for that bus to move. I have been held up a few mornings myself because of this issue. I have learned to park further down the street when we can park on the street so as not to be held up by this inconsiderate bus driver. In fact, I would like to chat with you because I think I can help you – please call me on my cell which # I will send to you FB inbox.

    • I know. Apparently it is happening to us all. Kim and Cheryl both live in my end of this complex. I am going undercover to gather more evidence. BCIS. Too bad I don’t have Gibbs to help me.

  7. Once the ticket is written it is a done deal…I mean the prosecutor wont talk to you until your court day. So plead not guilty..go to court and tell your story. If others in the condo complex have had the same issue with that driver you may be able to get more than Kim to make a statement. Maybe someone in your complex has complained about this driver already. Find out the bus number and call the bus company and start complaining (never too late) about the driver. If there were kids on the bus…they might have been unsupervised during the chit chat which certainly trumps anything you did Sues.

  8. Whoa, don’t know how I missed this but Terri is absolutely correct in how to proceed. I had a traffic thing with a COP! I pleaded not guilty. The judge said “but the cop said this.” I responded with, “if I was in the intersection blocking traffic, how come when he stepped off he curb he was behind my car, not in front of it.” The judge didn’t blink an eye and threw it out.

    FIGHT it – were there children on the bus? That would make it REALLY wrong.

  9. When you’re faced with something that seems troubling or as if a problem doesn’t have a solution, gently remind yourself that all is well, always.

    And yes, that is the affirmation you can use:

    In every situation, all is well, always.

    Feel free to elaborate on it and get specific if that feels right to you!

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