Puppies, Kittens and Forgiveness

I took down Forgiveness.

My blogs are about me.  I wrote Forgiveness about the biggest hurts of my life.  But someone thought I had “really lost my marbles” and said I shouldn’t “wonder why my life is where it is”.  This single person’s reaction was really, I thought, over the top.

I purposely do not identify people in my blogs,  however blogs are not meant to upset anyone.  I consider them more to be emotional regurgitation – a way to clean out my mind, a way to communicate and hear from others who feel as I do, get some feedback.

There are a very few people, OK only one actually who has said so, who don’t like anything I have written.  And I don’t know why this person continues to read my stories.  When I’m pushing buttons in the car looking for something to entertain me, if I come upon Rush, I keep on going.  I don’t watch Fox News.  Not interested at all.  I don’t watch The Bachelor or that Donald Trump show.   Not interested.  I hear a show called Honey Boo Boo beat the RNC last week.  I did not contribute to either’s ratings.  I would hope the few people who read my blog would not continue to return to it if they weren’t enjoying it.  That wouldn’t make sense.

Now on to Puppies and Kittens.  I don’t want to write about them.  I want to write about me.  My good bad happy sad colorful boring exciting messy silly serious busy life.  Maybe I need to work on a memoir instead.  But I’ve always considered my blog posts pre-work, if you will, for a memoir.

Anyhow, as I said, I took her down.  Thank you to all of you who are so encouraging to me.  It means a lot.  And makes me happy, happier.


8 thoughts on “Puppies, Kittens and Forgiveness

  1. What a shame, having to censor yourself, not for the good of the majority, but to appease a minority. That person should just change the damn channel.

  2. I love you MA and can’t thank you enough. You have been as encouraging as anyone on earth and have said the absolute nicest things about my writing. Now I will be working on a blog about blogging. And what it means. And who it effects. And why I do it. And should I continue to do it. And also one about my mother. I just got off the phone with her and I would like to say here that she is the most supportive mother who was ever born. But I will write a whole blog about her. These two lines are not nearly enough. OXO.

  3. Sorry you felt you had to take blog down. You did ask for comments on what you had written. I agree though if someone does not like what you write, either don’t read them or don’t comment. It is no reflection on you, Susan, just remember that. You write what you feel and no one else should disagree with YOUR feeling. love you XOXOXOXO

  4. I feel the same as all the above….especially MA! Change the damn channel!!! Also glad I got to read it, you special person!!! xoxo

  5. Susan,
    I’m playing catch up today & your blog was on the top of my list. I don’t know you well aside from Cowdell Family stories; but I’m getting to through reading your blog. I too got to read your Forgiveness post & it struck a deep chord in me. I have some work to do in that area and your post gave me another way to look at it, to tackle it. I’m sorry I didn’t put my .02 worth in while it was still up.

    You make a difference by sharing your “good bad happy sad colorful boring exciting messy silly serious busy life”. Reading your insights here makes me feel like less of an oddity & more of a woman who’s just marching to her own rhythm section- (drummers are somewhat overrated).

    Keep writing from the heart Susan, let the nay-sayers go elsewhere. Of course you’ve lost your marbles; I’ve learned that’s exactly what they’re for… then you get to pick out shiny new ones to add to your collection! Forgiveness indeed!

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