On being MIA, Glass-Steagall, entitlements, PDF’s, possessions, sushi, The Great Depression

I have been MIA here.  I have written a couple of blogs and not posted them because they were going to hurt someone’s feelings.  So I either have to wait for a long time, or revise them, which I don’t want to do because they are true and feel right to me, or not post them.  So this has created a logjam in my heart that did not allow me to post.  I’m going to try to correct that here by this “update blog” because I do, as always, have a lot to say.

Here a few of my thoughts…

And if there are any Republicans among you, please don’t stop reading because I like to make fun of Clint Eastwood talking to a fucking chair on national television.  Because at the end of my short political rant, it will be necessary for me to say something less than positive about my Favorite. Democrat. Ever.

I’m already tired of this idiotic political season.  This Republican (Tea) party wouldn’t nominate Ronald Reagan.  They wouldn’t mind the galloping horse of Alzheimer’s bearing down upon him and in turn us, just that he was too liberal for them when he wasn‘t all slogged down by senility.  I think we need to examine where we are going now that we have been shown how greed has brought down capitalism.  That is the real issue.  James Carville wrapped it all up in four words twenty years ago.  “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Why didn’t we sit up and listen then?  But it was a Republican Congress and my hero Bill Clinton who repealed Glass-Steagall in 1999, a law passed in 1933 after “The Great Depression”, that separated commercial and investment banking – and opened the door to the aforementioned greed that has had an adverse effect on many of our retirement plans.  Now they thought they were ensuring that Wall Street would remain the financial capital of the world but nope.  They gave the Gordon Gekkos of the world the opportunity to ruin us and these greedy pigs grabbed it and ran like the wind.  And don’t kid yourselves – we are in a depression now.  “They” will have to admit it soon.  But you know how “they” are.

If one more person refers to Social Security as an “entitlement”,  they will be entitled to my foot up their ass.  I have been paying into that system for over 40 years.  My life has not gone exactly as planned and I will NEED that money to survive.  I am presently taking applications to move in with you.  I will be bringing my dog.  I will do 75% of your cooking and all your laundry.  I will do most of the dishes this creates unless I am having a bad back spell.  Except in the summer, when I will be spending every minute I can in Maine.  My new roommate(s) may join me there where I will continue to cook and do laundry.  I will not be doing your vacuuming.  Under any circumstances.  Anywhere.  Any time.

I am unemployed.  I am not a negative person but it is likely I will never find another job in printing.  It’s a dying business.  PDF and the internet have BROUGHT HER DOWN too.  There has been a lot of “bringing down” lately.  Printing will re-emerge as a much smaller, commodity-based, lower quality industry.  It’s already happening.  That’s just the way it is.  Unfortunately, I have spent my entire life working in printing.  The last few years have been fiscally disastrous for me.  And why am I not depressed?  I have no idea.  Well actually I do.  I am a happy person.  Always have been.  I am not emotionally tied to my possessions.  I can sit and look around this room and see everything here.  What do I really want?  What would it break my heart to not have anymore?  My dog.  That is all.  I would like to keep my car and an internet connection.  You can have my cool Paris lamp.  And the flat screen and surround-sound system.  You may have my furniture; china and crystal; pots and pans; unless I am moving in with you and cooking as mentioned above.  I have some great pans.  My Chicken Cordon Bleu is to die for.  And my Boeuf Bourguignon is nothing to sneeze at.  I use Julia’s recipe.  My Paglia E Fieno does not suck.  My regular stuff is quite good too.  And I do make the best Caesar Salad on earth.  And I can make those great yummy yeast rolls we had in high school.  You can have my fancy carpets, my antiques, my outdoor furniture, appliances.  I’ve been playing with cheesecakes this year.  Coming along nicely if I do say so myself.  And I do.  I would like to keep Jake’s college graduation picture.  He looks so happy in it.  Still looking around the room.  Nope.  Nothing.  I will need clothes and a hair dryer and dog stuff.

And it’s not that I’m married to printing.  The problem is that my main skills lie in that area.  It is not easy to convince someone to hire a 56-year-old woman, allow her to change careers, and then pay her enough money to support her home, pay her mortgage, condo fees, utilities, and insurance.  She will still need to buy groceries.  Plus enough to take care of an aging, epileptic dog who needs constant monitoring and meds.  But I promise you.  I am still happy.

It’s been a beautiful, hot summer and I have enjoyed my days off.  One can spend only so much time looking for a job that does not exist.   Books have been read.  Time has been spent staring at a lake while reading these books.  A dog has been walked.  A god-awful messy office has been organized.  Clothes have been sorted and brought to consignment and Goodwill.

My dear and generous friends and family have taken me out to dinner, brought me iced coffees and coolattas from DD, made me laugh, lifted my heavy stuff, bought me sushi.  You have no idea how much I love sushi.  Thank you all very much.

This is all I have for now.

Have a great Labor Day.  It’s beautiful out there.


5 thoughts on “On being MIA, Glass-Steagall, entitlements, PDF’s, possessions, sushi, The Great Depression

  1. Just want you to know I’ve read this, and I thank you for posting. I have no insight to add. No opposing opinion to express. Just wish I could join you on a secluded mountaintop where we could both scream our lungs out.

    • I really got logjammed trying to restrain myself. I struggle all the time with having a black & white personality. If I can’t do A, I’ll stop and never get to B, C, D. But I have come a very long way and will continue to try. It is difficult to change yourself – even when you are aware and want to. But I will not give up my quest for self-improvement.

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