Minnows and Estate Sales

My friend Deb used this photo on her Facebook page.  I’m pretty sure I have this star dish in my estate sale.  It is all I think about.  I’m dreaming it now and I still have over two weeks to go.  It is my life.  I remember being a little kid and laying on my stomach on the end of the dock and tempting minnows to come over with little pieces of bread.  And they would swarm and I would do this for hours on end – I don’t know why.  Probably because I was so unfortunate to be a kid in the 60’s so I had to look at minnows, play kicker in the streets and read books.  Horrors – there was neither internet nor Xbox.  So anyhow, I would go to bed after a long day of minnow-watching and see minnows swimming behind my eyelids.  Like a screen saver.  Now I close my eyes at night, after reading as long as I can without passing out – still reading but no baby fishes – and I see the contents of this house.  So anyhow, I’m going to Maine in a couple of weeks and I think maybe I’ll lay on my stomach on the end of the dock and look at minnows. They’ll still be there.