My book

Since I was a little kid, I’ve been writing a book inside my brain.  I review all situations in my mind as dialogue.  I describe scenes and scenery in my head.  I can see paragraphs.  This all started in the fourth grade with Little House on the Prairie and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I have tried to write fiction but have always hated how it was coming out.

I tell you this because I started reading a book two days ago that is showing me, page by lovely page, that I can indeed write a book of my own.  And also because I think my reading friends will love this book.  I refer not to the one in my head, but the one I am reading – “(Re) Making Love: a sex after sixty story” by Mary L. Tabor.

It’s a memoir written in essay form.  Quotes, poems and recipes scattered throughout.  I love it.  And I have already started my book.  Mostly in my head but also on paper.  I don’t care if I ever sell it or if anyone ever reads it.  But I’m writing it.

In the meantime, “(Re) Making Love” may interest you and/or inspire you as much as it has inspired me.  Give it a try!

(Re) Making Love


2 thoughts on “My book

  1. I’ve written about 12 pages of my own “in my head” novel in about as many years. Maybe you and I could become accountability partners?

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