I had a thought. And it’s not about love or fornication or potato salad…

My friend Maria posted a blog link on Facebook.  Here it is – http://vaginaedamerican.blogspot.com.  And I read and I LOVED!!!

This gave me a thought.  I’m going to try a blog not about love or fornication or potato salad.

Kate Middleton has great outfits, the beautiful Jessica Simpson is naked on the cover of Elle, Whitney Houston OD’d and her daughter is apparently kissing her adopted brother, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are arguing if English should be a requirement for Puerto Rico to become a state, Lehigh beat Duke and Norfolk State beat Missouri and your bracket choices are in trouble, a urology center on the Cape is offering free pizza with your vasectomy scheduled during the NCAA tournament – you can even have your consultation on line, when Cookie Johnson met Magic she thought “this could be really good”, Sherri Shepherd may be cheating on DWTS, Snooki is pregnant…

I could go on and on and sometimes I do but really, who gives a fat rat’s ass.

Our economy is in the toilet.  People need jobs and there are none, not too many anyway.  No one can afford gas.  People are losing their homes and living in their cars or on the street.  Homeless shelters turn people away every single day.  The economy is collapsing.  Nuts worldwide are getting Nukes.  Joseph Kony – let’s not let him continue.  Now that we know about him, that would be a more real crime.  We have SEALS and the CIA at our disposal.  Our government keeps saying the unemployment rate is down but its not.  People have exhausted all their money and benefits and have dropped off and dropped out.  Jerry Sandusky raped children and people knew and didn’t say anything.

And Americans are getting all stirred up about birth control.

Not very proud of us today.


6 thoughts on “I had a thought. And it’s not about love or fornication or potato salad…

  1. I agree with Janice to a point.

    But that little thought that tickles my brain over and over again. I KNOW I can do better, be better. Why don’t they?

    When did selfishness become a virtue?

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