I’m a little over-caffeinated…

Let’s talk.  Or since I’m over-caffeinated, I’ll talk!

I’m at Starbucks in Plainville.  Been here since 2:00 and it’s a little after 7:00.  I like it here.  Except for the 2 year old that was screaming her frigging head off but her mother took her away.  I think Starbucks should be like a bar.  No kids allowed.  Feeling a little speedy jittery LIVELY!!!  Have to look out for that from now on.  Caffeine!

My second week of not working is at an end today.

And I have just discovered something good on my computer.  I had my little earbuds with me and I searched online radio and typed in Joni Mitchell so now I can’t hear the guy next to me blah blah blah.  He is very full of himself.  And this lovely name “Joni Mitchell” has led to Rickie Lee Jones and a perky, live version of Chuck E.’s in Love.

Had lunch with my old (not so old really) friend Corinna today.  Yup.  I conned another one into buying my lunch.  I’m good.  Then we came to Starbucks so she could help me out with Linkedin.com which did seem mysterious and complicated to me.  But under her tutelage, I am feeling better about that.  She is a good teacher.  However, I must remember to say DECAF when ordering.

We (Corinna and I) have decided to meet here next week with our laptops and drink coffee and look for jobs.  If any of you would like to meet us, please do come.  I think Wednesday at 10:00.  Need to check my Daytimer when I get home.  I know I should use the calendar in my laptop or my “smart” phone but I love paper and pencil.

Went to Literacy Volunteers last night and met my new students for the first time.  I loved it.  I was very nervous before we met but now I feel much better about that too.  They are very sweet, smart, brave individuals and I hope I can help them.  I followed the tutor training we received and it went well.  I read up on their native country, Columbia, and bought a Spanish/English dictionary and some index cards.  Every word I used that they didn’t know, I used my big blue marker and one of the index cards and made a “flash card”.  English word in big letters, Spanish word in small letters in the corner.  Gave them the cards and asked them to come back next week and use each word in a sentence.   Here are some of the words – fake, brave, poodle, lend and borrow, chick flick.  I think I will add one weird idiom a week – inspired by my saying “chick flick” when they told me they like to watch movies.  And I asked them to bring me anything they come across during the week that they don’t understand.  And to speak English to each other, only English, for 30 minutes every day.  Already have next my lesson planned.  We will review all the things we discussed yesterday, work on writing the sentences they bring to me, and my first real lesson will be about going to the bank.  What you say, what you do, how you request services, new vocabulary, how to fill out a deposit slip, a withdrawal slip.  Our conversation inspired this lesson.  Very very excited.

Love keeping busy but not working.  Laughing.  Oh Powerball please come to Mama.

I just took my earbuds out after a half hour.  Guess what – still blah blah blah.

I think I’ll do all my computer/job searching at Starbucks.  Come on down!  Remind me to ALWAYS bring my earbuds.  And remind me to say decaf every time.  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

So things are going well.


6 thoughts on “I’m a little over-caffeinated…

  1. Getting out of the house and going there for job searching is a great idea Susan! Wish I lived closer and could join and .. yes, buy you lunch with a decaf. Linkedin is a great tool and should help you along in your quest for that perfect french, writing, dog job.
    I loved your idea of teaching them the english and “how-to” of banking. That is a basic life skill they will need. Good going Mama!

    • Going back next week. With my earbuds. And the word decaf written across my forehead with a red sharpie. And the “how-to” wasn’t my idea. They taught us that in our tutoring training. I just got them to tell me what they needed. All good! And thanks. I’d let you buy my lunch too!

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