I’m feeling it again

I answered a personal ad and met you at a bar and oh boy I had met other men before through personal ads but when I looked at you and you smiled and said something funny and I was on the barstool next to you I had to sit on my hands to keep from touching you I didn’t want you to think I was loose I wanted to wait until I knew you better and wanted you to know what I was really like so I held on and I didn’t want to but I did because I thought you were so special here I go again stirring up the pot of chemistry lust love sex desire and hoping I can get it all into the same package so far I have not been able to but I will try and after a few times you came to my house and we did it in the big red chair what is it about you you got to me right away I was lucky to make it out of the bar the first night honey and I still talk to you all the time and I love you in some crazy silly way but our timing is horrendous just horrendous and maybe some day we will get the chance to take a chance I feel really good about you.

I met you through a personal ad too and I wasn’t sure about you at first but I liked you even though I didn’t have an immediate physical reaction but you were so smart and such a good writer I was hot for your thoughts really remember LOVE on AOL I love smart men and we had so much in common with the writing and the not drinking and later the cancer and I remember the first time we were together I was recuperating from my big surgery and I had lost so much weight and it took me about 4 hours to eat a sandwich my throat hurt so much and I had trouble swallowing and I sat on your living room floor working my way through a hamburger and you were fixing your bookcase and we talked and laughed and I was wearing my new red sweater with the big buttons and it got later and later but I didn’t want to go we were so cozy but finally I decided to leave and it was raining and cold and dark and you walked me to my car and then it happened when I went to hug you goodbye and slid my arms under your jacket and wrapped them around your back I didn’t plan on that it just happened it felt so intimate and you kissed me and I said I would like to stay right here meaning inside your coat but you were all over that one really quick you didn’t miss that opportunity and you said I would like that and we didn’t even plan on saying that but we did so we went back inside and got into your bed and holy cow it was pretty amazing and it stayed that way for a long time years actually and then you left bye.

I remember the first time I saw you how could I have such a strong reaction to a person it’s your smell I can’t stop thinking about wanting you I want to lick you do you feel it too I think you do but I’m not sure I could be imagining it you’re probably just nice to everyone you smell so good when I stand next to you the scent of you gives me a jolt I want you so bad do you feel it too if you don’t touch me I will die and if you do touch me I will scream I am sure please touch me just stop jumping around Susan and let me do what I want I will try to be still for a minute and oh my god let me put my mouth on you and you are making me scream you are and you are laughing and I am laughing and crying at the same time and I’m so happy you made me stop jumping around and let you do what you wanted oh my god oh my god oh my god.

And now I am beginning to feel it again after the last one I thought I was through but desire brings me back every time and this time is no different no matter how old I am I still feel it and I’m looking for it and I will find it and it will be even better this time because I am better I have never been better I feel so good and I am almost ready to start again oh this is funny the next guy is going to be a lucky one I have a lot of energy stored up so to speak come on baby let’s go and let’s be good together I’ve got something to give you love and happiness let’s do it and laugh and be happy just us.


4 thoughts on “I’m feeling it again

    • Thanks Deb. I think I write best when I just sit down and do it. This is what I’m learning. If I think too much it gets overdone. I didn’t think too much about this one. It just occurred to me this weekend that I was ready. One of the differences between men and women and yes not ALL men and not ALL women but – men go through a bad breakup and want to get out there and do IT. Women (like me) need to ponder and then one day they wake up and say what am I waiting for. I’m feeling it again. Thank God.

  1. For me, to much information. Actually made me a bit uncomfortable. But, if it made you feel better putting it out there, good for you,

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