For many years, my friend Colleen has come to Connecticut Thanksgiving week and stayed with me.  This year I named the occasion Girly Week.  Girly Week is always fun.  It was fun even before it had a name.  But this year, it was so much more.  I love my friends.  I take these relationships as seriously as I take any including those with family, spouses, lovers.

So this week.  Laughing, eating, cooking, cleaning up the messes and starting over again.  I think I ran my dishwasher at least twice a day every day since Wednesday.  Phones ringing, people running in and out.  More laughing.  Staying up too late.  Designated driver – me – whowouldathunkit?  Driving back from Teddy’s late Tuesday night – it is DARK up there in no man’s land where he lives – someone in my car saying repeatedly – I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  This is our new mantra.  MORE laughing.  Scones and coffee breakfast.  Dad splitting the wood in the backyard and bonus – blowing all the maple tree helicopters off the deck.  Thanksgiving dinner – I love that meal.  I love cooking it too.  Chiminea fire in the back yard for the smokers.  Fried dough pizza and Chocolate Brownie cheesecake.  Friends AND sisters!  Going to Mystic for the picking up the boat debacle.  Great lunch overlooking the water.  Lovely long walk.  The sweetness of my good friends – teasing and giggling and being generally noisy and busting each other chops and poking through the shops.  Delicious lunch.  Getting back way too late and frosting that cake and chopping all those peanut butter cups for cake garnish – Colleen please help me open all those freaking peanut butter cups.  Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!  More laughing.  Rushing to Supper Club.  Lobster Bisque.  TFS AKA That Fucking Salad.  The salad is delicious.  T & SB – Sheree please make us that salad.  SM – Again?  Okay.  T & SB – We love that salad Sheree.  Can you make it again?  SM – Again?  I guess so if you really want it.  T & SB – Sheree.  We want that salad again.  SM –  I’m so tired of making That Fucking Salad!!!  SB – Hey Tom!  The salad has a name now.  So TFS was born. Cutting the cake which turned out too high to stand up straight so it fell over – TIMBER!!!  I looked messy but it sure tasted good.

I’ve been dieting like a good girl for months.  I’m feeling a little chubby today.  And who cares!!!???  Not me.  I needed a break.  Every bite was delicious.

I had a wonderful week.



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