You’re so vain redux

Remember when

you asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said inner peace and sex?  And you said me too!

you went exploring for an upgraded No-Tell Motel and found one that was cheap AND smelled like bleach?  yay!

you said I think all the time about making you happy?

you said I want the whole world to know about the woman I have?

we were in that restaurant and you were all dressed up in a sparkling white shirt and a beautiful tie and I shot that watermelon seed out of my mouth and got you right on the chin?  Direct hit!

we walked a long time and plopped down on the grass in the park and took a nap in the sun?

you smiled at me and said do you know what’s wrong with you?  I think I’m about to find out.  <smile brighter>  You think too fucking much.

you found those silly little salt and peppers shaped like feet with painted toenails?  I still have them.

I was in a bad patch and I told you I was having nightmares all the time and you brought me that beautiful dream catcher?  I still have that too.

we were playing cards and getting looped at our campsite very late at night and that huge honking skunk walked through and you said don’t make a sound and I didn’t and about two minutes later we heard the shrieks and laughing and that not-so-lovely smell came?

I said you are a twit and you kissed me and said yes but I am your twit?

I heaved your ass into a snow bank?  Hah!

I said I am so afraid of this cancer sometimes I can’t sleep and you said I will sit next to your bed all night?  I will be your sentinel.

you said when I’m with you, I feel like I’m 16 again?

I do too.  I remember it all.


5 thoughts on “You’re so vain redux

    • Yes. True. It’s taken me half a lifetime to understand the lyrics in ‘Auld Lang Syne’. It will probably take me the other half of my life to actually let ‘old acquaintances be forgot’. Certainly online social networking makes it harder!

  1. @Susan: You’ve captured the bittersweet of past love. There’s fun and charm there, as well as, stinging realism. I’m glad you remember a lot of the good. I’ve been married for 20 years, and if my mind wanders back to old ex-boyfriends, bitter stands out more than sweet. May the sweet memories you have of your past love draw you to guys who will treat you to the best that life has to offer in the future.

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