Self-appointed hair critic to the world

Why do so many women dye their hair some freaking red color not found in nature?

Why do women with straight hair get perms?

Why do women with curly hair use flat irons?

Why do older women hold onto their long hair until long after they have passed the hag line?  Indeed, the long hair often speeds up the arrival of the hag line.

Why are so many young women flat ironing their hair and parting it in the middle?  This is not an attractive look for most.  Also why do they wear really low and tight hip-hugger pants unless they are model thin?  Can you say muffin top?  But I digress…

What is up with women, especially young chicks dying their black?  I have only known one woman with really really really dark hair and I’m not sure I would call it black.  Close but black?

Why do women dye and perm at the same time?

Why are dark roots “in style“?

Why do people grow out their hair and let it hang.  Get a style.  Do something!!!

Why do people whose hair is thinning dye it a really dark color so you can see their white scalps shining through like a street lamp?

Split ends.  NO!  Get a trim.

Comb-overs.  Really?  (It saddens me to have to post a picture of Carl Levin.  He is one of my favorites.  Big big brain.  No mirror.)

Rugs.  Really?

The Mullett.  Oh dear.

Pictures below.  That is all.  I have spoken.


12 thoughts on “Self-appointed hair critic to the world

    • Sometimes long hair is a rebellion against the ‘helmet’ style or ‘bob’ that society (or at least hair stylists) think every 50+ women has to wear. Vive la difference.

  1. Spending my day off checking out your blog and lovin’ it! I told you I would check it out!
    I’m glad this blog was a silly thing because I’m certainly 50+ growing my hair out (because I’m cheap) don’t die my hair and don’t have a style because my hair has a mind of it’s own. I love your style.

    • Glad you liked it. And thanks for reading. Sometimes when you blog, its like throwing your stuff into a black hole and you really don’t know what happens after that. I can see stats so I know people are reading. It’s weird. But I still like doing it.

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