But you haven’t had my potato salad

So my first blog post has come because I had a rant on Facebook yesterday that confirmed for me I need a different kind of forum for my “feelings”.  And my Facebook post made reference to a rant with which my family is very familiar – potato salad.

I hate it.

You take nice, lovely, warm, cooked potatoes and you make them cold.  Then you coat them with cold grease (mayonnaise).  Then you eat it and everyone says isn’t this delicious.  No it is not delicious.  And some well-meaning person/people, always women, will say “But you haven’t had my potato salad”.  Well your potato salad sucks too because it involves cold and mealy potatoes and cold grease.  Just sayin’.

This is great.  A place where I can bitch.  And the whole world can see it.  If they want.  While I was typing this, I was making a list on my little pink pad of other topics about which I have numerous opinions.

Some of my thoughts for future discourse include, in no special order – my dog Mike, organized religion, Maine, my nephew Jake, meatloaf, one of my former employers OK its Mintz & Hoke, Paris, my friends and our “Supper Club”, infertility and ectopic pregnancy and lost and broken dreams, Facebook and why I love it.  Wow – that whole list took me 5 seconds to write.

Be back soon…


18 thoughts on “But you haven’t had my potato salad

  1. This is a good thing. Get all of your bitching out here and then you can concentrate on being kind in your ‘other’ life. But I think you will find many positive things to blog about as well. I already like your list. How often can we expect to hear from you in this forum? Will this be an ‘as the spirit moves you’ kind of thing?

    • I’m working on several “essays” as we speak. My friends Erin Eames says I should try to post at least twice a week. Not sure from where that number comes but it feels right/good. I think it depends on my “output”. I have a couple of nearly completed, shall we say, opinions in the hopper. I will work on them today and see what happens. And thank you for reading and supporting. OXO.

  2. Even worse than the dressing of the mealy potatoes is the addition of cooked eggs! I might swallow a couple of tablespoons of potato salad just to be polite, but once the eggs go in, that is the end! And the whole concoction usually sits on a table outside in the sun for six hours or more – UGH! Hey, Susan, this blog is great!

  3. But you haven’t had my potato salad! I actually prefer it slightly warm and I used to make it with Dijion mustard…old weight watchers receipe that I can’t find! This is a good forum for you! Have fun.

  4. Now that I think about it, potato salad IS sorta gross. I want to not like it since it has a zillion calories per serving, so I’ll think about your posting before I dig in. Might at least slow me down.

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